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Day 256 - September 13, 2019

I've been struggling for a while now with the idea of getting away with Greg for a week. I feel guilty and torn between spending time with family, making memories with our girls and taking the time to strengthen our marriage.

The other night, I was doing dishes and started to think about my daughters' futures and what I was modeling as a wife and mother. It was then that I realized I never want my daughters to feel guilty for putting their marriage first. I want them to continue intentionally dating their spouse when they are married, when they welcome babies into their family, and when they watch the last child leave their nest. If I want that for my girls, why do I have such a hard time making my relationship with my husband a priority? Why do I feel like I need to justify a trip away to my family, my friends and even myself?

If we want our girls to see what a healthy marriage looks like, then we can't be afraid to prioritize time and conversations with each other in front of them. By cultivating a healthy marriage, we can build a healthy family.

I don't want to spend another day feeling guilty. It's time to have a conversation with our girls about why it's important that Mommy and Daddy get away alone sometimes. It's time to book that vacation.

Sunday, September 8, 2019