Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 11 - August 25, 2009

My husband was working late last night and before he left, he sent me a message saying, “I’m craving chocolate…or ice cream.” Now before you say anything, I will admit that, yes, I know he sounds like a pregnant woman and not a grown man, but his requests for ice cream (mainly Cold Stone) are relatively frequent, so to me, this was normal. I thought to myself, why not play a little game. So I said to him, “Why don’t you pick up a little something on your way home?” In good game fashion, I knew there had to be some rules. Greg knows that I’m a rules girl so he was expecting some guidelines.

1. It must be under $10.

2. It can’t be the usually 2 for $5 tubs of specialty ice cream since our freezer space is non-existent these days. (Aside: I got a little carried away when buying ground turkey and the new thin whole wheat hamburger buns at Costco. Oops!)

3. It must be something we can finish tonight.

4. It must be something fun! (By that I meant, something unexpected. Something he would never find me buying because I just couldn’t bear spending money on unnecessary food items.)

As I waited for Greg to arrive, I thought a lot about what he would bring. Now, aside from ice cream, the dessert he asks for most is cake. Ever since we started watching Ace of Cakes, he has been a little obsessed with me baking him cakes and I have to admit that I have only made 1 cake since we’ve been in California and it was lame. Your typical Betty Crocker mix and pre-made icing. Meanwhile, my nephew, Micah, asked for a basketball cake and the next day I delivered. Lucky for Greg, his birthday is coming up soon so he won’t have to wait too much longer for that cake!

Half an hour later, Greg strolls in the door with a huge grin on his face. Now, by this point, I was expecting a big multi-layered chocolate fudge cake from the Ralph’s bakery. But, like I mentioned earlier, he asks for Cold Stone ice cream all the time so I really shouldn’t have been surprised but his choice of dessert. This is what he bought.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday!” were the first words out of his mouth. He had driven to Cold Stone and bought a “Gotta Have It!” size ‘Birthday Cake Remix’ signature creation. It’s a mix of cake batter ice cream (it really tastes exactly like white or yellow cake batter; it’s unreal!), rainbow sprinkles, brownie, and fudge. The ice cream creation had melted a little bit on the drive home, but what it lacked in presentation, it more than made up for in deliciousness! We enjoyed a wonderful evening sitting on the couch talking and sharing our cold treat. The TV was actually off all night long! An evening without TV is unheard of in our house and that, for him, was probably the best treat of all!


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