Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 7 - August 21, 2009

They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and for many photos that is definitely true. Take this photo of my adorable little Micah-man for example.

You can immediately see the pride, shear joy, and excitement on his face as he shows off his first painting.

But, have you ever looked at a photo and wondered what the photographer was thinking. What impelled them to take that shot? What it is that they saw or felt that I am missing? This next photo may have you asking similar questions.

For me, this photo is a whole lot more than just an elevator door.

I cannot walk past an elevator without thinking of a conversation I had, a few months back, with a stranger. It was a Saturday and we had decided to treat ourselves to a day out. We planned a light lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, Eurostation, where we would order the usual; a mango smoothie, sweet potato fries with garlic mayo dipping sauce, and a chipotle chicken pesto Panini, and then head to an afternoon matinee at the theatre. We parked on the first level of the parking garage and as we walked toward the elevator, I noticed a young couple get on and ride up to their floor. We arrived at the elevator at the same time as a young woman and her infant son. Greg held the door open as she maneuvered the stroller into the elevator and I selected our floor. The door closed partway and then opened again. This happened several times. “This is odd,” I said, wondering what had happened to the elevator between the young couple getting off on their floor and us getting on. “I guess we’ll be taking the stairs.” A few more seconds passed before the young woman said, “I truly believe that there is a reason for this. God intended us to be 10 seconds behind in our day. We will never know why, but He knows and He planned this and we are better for it.” Most people would have seen the malfunctioning elevator as an inconvenience. This woman saw the bigger picture. I smiled and told her that I too believed in God’s plan. Her words have stuck with me and come to mind often.

Just last week, I was late to check my bags at the airport and as a result missed my flight. As I stood in the Buffalo airport, I thought, God has a plan. Although I am tired and frustrated, I know that I was not meant to be on that plane. As a result of my missed flight, I was able to spend one more incredible day with my amazing mother, remarkable sister, and my beautiful, sweeter than pie nephews! God’s plan is good!


Stephanie said...

It's funny that you wrote about this because I've never told anyone but for a long time now every time I drop my keys in the way to getting in the car (it happens more often than you would expect, especially when toting two little boys) I have a sense that God wanted to me be that half second later. I've often wondered what might have changed about my day if I hadn't needed to bend down to pick them up...

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