Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 62 - October 15, 2009


I am in love with colour! You probably wouldn’t be able to tell by my wardrobe because about 70% of it is black, white, or grey, but I love colour. One of my favourite things to do is to go to any paint store and look at paint chips. I could spend hours admiring every shade of blue or red or green. I can get lost looking at all the variations of white there are. I am a huge fan of white and envision, one day, standing in my white dream kitchen. I know it’s not practical, especially with the number of little ones I imagine running through the house, but boy oh boy, do I want a white room.

The other week, I took a trip over to Restoration Hardware in Santa Monica. For those of you who are unaware of this store, it’s an incredible home furnishing wonderland. They carry lighting, furniture, bed linens, home décor items, and so much more. As my grandfather says, “If I were a rich man…”, I’d shop here. So anyway, I had heard from a friend that Restoration Hardware carries a gorgeous paint collection that I just had to see for myself. Check out these colours!

Beautiful, aren’t they? I was in paint sample heaven! I love to look at a colour and imagine it some place special. On the arms of a newly reupholstered chair or on an antique dresser. In my baby’s nursery or on my kitchen cabinets.

Isn’t it also interesting how our colour choices change with the seasons or even where we’re living at the time? In the fall, I am always drawn to the spicy orange of pumpkins and the deep, rich red of falling leaves. Here in California, although fall has arrived, I dream of the clear blue of ocean and sky and the warm yellow of sand and sun.

And don’t you just love the names of paint colours. Latte, silver sage, buttermilk, shore, saffron, sand dollar, and linen.

Benjamin Moore has some of the most creative names out there. Pennies from heaven, you are my sunshine, hugs & kisses, simply irresistible, and happily ever after! How could you not love walking into a room whose walls are painted in hugs & kisses? I can’t wait to get back to our home in Canada and repaint every wall in the most delicious and heavenly colours! Do you have a favourite paint colour?


Stephanie said...

I do love choosing paint colours, however I'm not a fan of being the one to apply them to my walls. Are you and Greg up for painting our dining room when you get home?! :)

Andrea said...

I'm speaking for him here, but we're totally in!

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