Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 70 - October 23, 2009

So-juicy-you-got-to-eat-it-over-the-sink news!

I have some BIG news to share. I would even go as far as saying this news is HUGE. I’m not kidding. This news is so juicy you got to eat it over the sink! Okay, okay, I’ll get on with it, but first a little guessing game. I’ll give you a couple hints.

Hint #1:

Hint #2:

Hint #3: This one just plain gives it away.

Guess who just got hired by Walt Disney Animation Studios? My incredibly talented, hard-working, and deserving husband! That’s right, my blog friends, we’re going to Disney!!

In January, we will be moving to Burbank, California, also known as “the valley” for those of you who watched “Saved by the Bell” and “Sweet Valley High” growing up. Yes, my friends…I will be a valley girl! I am thrilled that Greg will be working on “Rapunzel.” Finally, another Disney princess! The movie is scheduled to be in theaters for the 2010 holiday season.

Greg is in shock that his dream to work for Disney has come true only 3 years into his career. He never expected to achieve this goal so soon but our families have believed in his talents and abilities from the beginning and are not surprised that Disney would want him on their animation team.

Once again, I am so proud of Greg and so thankful to God for this opportunity in our lives. A few months ago, we wondered whether Greg would even have work in the New Year. We stressed over where we would live since we are being kicked out of the U.S. in a week and our home in Canada is being rented out. We wondered what that would mean for us financially. We prayed long and hard for some answers, all the while trusting that God would open doors and guide us in the coming months. We are thankful for and elated by God’s grace.


Melissa said...

Congrtulations to Greg! That is insanely incredible news!!!! So happy for you guys! Pretty great that you get to be a "Valley Girl" too!

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