Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 111 - December 3, 2009

As I think back on this past week, I realize just how disconnected I have been from God. This disconnect was not intentional, it very rarely is. It is most often a product of a busy life. But the other night, as I sat down to read, God whispered my name. I have discovered that God has a way of finding you and calling you back to Him when you least expect it.

Earlier that day, I stood staring at the countless books on my in-law’s bookshelf. I noticed the name, Max Lucado, on the spine of two small books and immediately remembered a favourite children’s book, “You Are Special.” I thought, well, I love that book, so why not give his adult literature a try. I grabbed the books before rushing out the door on our way to my parent’s house.

That night, I pulled out the first book and began reading the introduction. Four pages in and I was hooked. Just one more chapter before bed, I thought. I flipped the page and there it was…my name.

I flipped back to the cover, rereading the title. When God Whispers Your Name.

The fact that my name appeared in the first few pages of the book may be merely coincidental, but the fact that I chose this book out of hundreds on the shelf that day, surely is not. During a week where prayers were few and I was too busy to notice God’s presence, He found a way to speak to me. He’s pretty great like that! I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised. After all, He knows me better than I know myself.

Every night since, I have read this book, asked questions (to God and my husband, who I’m finding knows far more than me, my husband that is…I already know God does), and delved deeper into the Bible for answers. I am realizing how little I actually know when it comes to God’s written Word. Maybe that was God’s lesson all along. Maybe He is using this book to show me how much more I have to learn about Him and has put the desire to learn back into my heart. Like I said earlier, God is pretty great like that!


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