Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 126 - December 18, 2009

Our 2009 family Christmas photo! Tonight was the first time in about a year that we have all been together for a family meal and unfortunately, it will be the last for several months. Bon voyage, Matty! We love you and we'll miss you!

(Sniff, sniff. We're not going to cry...right, Steph?)


Stephanie said...

We're sure going to try, we might not be successful though...We'll miss you so much Matty!

Stephanie said...

Also, I think this is the best family photo we've had in years! If only Micah and Noah were smiling!

Matt said...

I'm going to miss you guys too! I love you all very much :)

djpaetkau said...

Yup, this was a great pic. Sorry to bump Noah, but I think this'll be my new desktop for the next little bit... it'll keep me remembering how great it is to have everybody together, even though it doesn't happen all too often these days.

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