Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 161 - January 22, 2010

Multiple Blessings

We have felt extremely blessed this past week as we made the move back to California from Ontario. I will try to make this post short and sweet as I update you on the blessings of this week.

Blessing #1: The roads from Ontario to California were clear and dry the entire 3 days we spent on the road. We were warned about just how treacherous those stretches of road can be in the winter and are so thankful that God made snowy paths clear.

Blessing #2: While stopped for the night at a hotel somewhere in New Mexico, we got an email from my brother, Matthew, who is currently working for a major cruise line. We discovered that his ship was to be docked in Haiti the day of the major earthquake. We could not be more thankful that the decision was made for the ship to stay at sea.

Blessing #3: We arrived safely in Southern California and were overjoyed to find that the hours of online apartment searching and phone calls from Canada had paid off. We love our new apartment and the location is just perfect. We couldn’t be more thankful that God lead us to this place we now call “home”.
Blessing #4: We were able to inexpensively furnish our entire place in only a day thanks to Craigslist, Costco, and some wonderful people we met along the way. Our new leather sofa was original purchased for a recording studio. Who knows which famous tushies once graced these cushions?!

Blessing #5: Baby Jacob was born happy and healthy! After much talk of my sister-in-law being forced into a c-section and the OB-GYN potentially having to break Jacob’s shoulder blades during the delivery, we are thankful that Suzanne was able to deliver vaginally and with no harm to Jacob.

Blessing #6: We are beyond thankful for our safety these last few days as the rain pours down around us. According to the sweet lady we bought our dining room set from, “it hasn’t rained like this in L.A. since 1997!” We hear daily of the severe thunderstorm warnings, flooding, landslides, tornados, and evacuations in the areas surrounding us. Thankful that we are safe and dry! (P.S. The Canadian in me can’t help but laugh at times. It’s only rain!)

I think that about does it for the moment. Not quite as short and sweet as I let on, but thanks for sticking it out if you did read until the end. Don’t forget to take some time to count your blessings!


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