Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 165 - January 26, 2010

There is something about watching a cop show that just makes you want doughnuts! We’ve been a little addicted to Dexter lately. For years, I’ve heard great things about this show. About how suspenseful and intriguing it is. I’m not usually one for cop shows or shows that are centered on murder and blood (although I have been known to watch a little CSI and enjoy it). Normally, these shows are really not my thing, but after my brother gave us all 4 seasons of Dexter, my husband convinced me to give it a try. I think I’m even more hooked than he is. It’s only been a week and we’re already partway through season 3.

Anyway, while I watch, I inevitably crave doughnuts. The other night, I gave into that craving and we headed to Krispy Kreme.

And let me tell you, the melt-in-you-mouth goodness was so worth the ridiculous number of calories in each bite. Sometimes you just have to indulge yourself!

Disney Update:

Greg loved his first day at work! The minute he walked through the door he said, “I just want to go back there.” He would honestly live there if they’d let him.

A few highlights of his day:

1. Eating lunch with the award-winning screenwriter of WALL-E.

2. Holding and having his picture taken with an Oscar. (I’m already preparing his acceptance speech. Hahaha!)

3. Exploring the archives and seeing props from classic Disney movies.

4. Touring the studios where “Mary Poppins” and “Brothers & Sisters” (among others) were/are filmed.

My highlight was learning that he could take friends and family through the studio for a tour anytime. I can’t wait for my chance to hold that Oscar!


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Coolest name tag ever!! Let's talk soon so I can hear all about it!

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