Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 188 - February 18, 2010

Life just got a little bit sweeter!

It was typical day in sunny California. I spent the morning doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and catching up on the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” (one of my many guilty pleasures). As I lay down on the couch after much hard work, I was startled by a loud knock on the door. When you live in a state where you can count the number of people you know on one hand, you don’t expect to hear that sound. I just assumed it must be the neighbour returning the pencil she borrowed from us a few days ago. I opened the door and saw no one. Some kids must be playing “Nicky, Nicky, Nine Door,” I thought. But before I could get upset or start hunting for the hooligans who interrupted my episode of “Teen Mom” (another ridiculously guilty pleasure I’m surprised I’m even admitting I watch), I noticed a package on the ground. I tore it open as fast as I could and quickly realized that the man or woman who left this for me could come knocking on my door any day! Check out what I received!

I won a Vitalicious super sampler pack from a recent blog giveaway and I can’t wait to try out the assortment of delicious brownies and muffin tops from Double Chocolate Dream and Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip to Apple Berry and Banana Nut! And the best part about these treats is that they are all only 100 calories! I don’t have to feel guilty about this little pleasure!


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Let's try that again...
1. I can't believe you are more willing to admit that you watch Real Housewives than Teen Mom! I've never seen RH but the commercials make it look WAY worse than Teen Mom (which we both know I love)!

2. That might be the best package anyone has found on their doorstep, I'm jealous!

Andrea said...

I say we have a Real Housewives marathon the next time I'm home. The Orange County and New Jersey seasons are by far the best!

Stephanie said...

I'll agree to that if you agree to bringing snacks as delicious as those ones look!

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