Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 220 - March 22, 2010

There are some days that adventure just seems to find you and other days that you must grasp life in your hands like a treasure map and seek out adventure! Yesterday was one of those days.

Greg and I got in the car after church and thought, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than taking a leisurely 2,707-mile drive to Scranton, Pennsylvania; home to the hit NBC show The Office. If you don’t know what The Office is or haven’t watched a single episode, stop reading immediately and go rent Seasons 1 through 5. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you’ll probably find your life is more fulfilled by the time you catch up to Season 6.

So anyway, back to business. We decided to drive to Scranton and visit the old Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. We started the 43-hour drive…just kidding! As it turns out, Scranton is only 5 minutes from church! Who knew!?! Check it out!

Do you recognize Dwight Schrute's car?

Look closely.

As we were about to leave, a car full of Office fans pulled up beside us and told us Ellie Kemper, who plays Erin, the new receptionist, just got out a taxi down the street. We sort of went into crazy stalker fan mode and may or may not have followed he car down the street. Did I just say that? Honestly, I’m not crazy.

I didn’t have my paparazzi-style zoom lens with me so you'll have to excuse the majorly zoomed and blurry image.

Greg and I often look at each other and think, oh the stories we’ll be able to tell our children some day about our adventures in L.A. How ordinary our lives were before we moved to the City of Angels!


Melissa said...

living vicariously through you today.... so FUN!

Stephanie said...

Coolest thing ever!!

David said...

That is awesome! I definitely recognize Michael and Dwight's cars. I'm actually an episode behind right now, as I missed it last week, but I think now I have to go watch it and picture you guys there too!

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