Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 221 - March 23, 2010

I’ve recently made a new friend. He’s the kind of guy who brings you gifts every time he visits. The type of man that notices when you’ve gotten a bit of sun and compliments your newly bronzed complexion. (Is that weird?) He wears the same brown suit each day, is always smiling, and never forgets to ask you how you’re doing. He’s a good friend and I anxiously await each visit. The strange thing about our relationship is that his visits are quite brief and while he always greets me by name, he has yet to tell me his name. So I just call him Mr. UPS.

Today, Mr. UPS came, as always, bearing gifts. After our brief chat, I tore open the package and found this (thanks to a great giveaway from a fellow blogger).

At about the time I started writing this blog, I remember looking at my arms in the mirror and noticing definition and tone that hadn’t been there two months earlier. Where had these sculpted biceps (hahaha) come from? The answer was simple. I had just returned from 6-weeks of heavy lifting. No, I hadn’t been to the gym even once during that time. I had spent those weeks with some of my very favorite people. That’s right, all the credit for my fabulous arms had to go to my sweet (not so) little nephews! But now that I am sadly nephewless, I guess I need to resort to this book. Wish me luck!

Oh, and stay tuned later this week to find out what Mr. UPS brought me that had both my cameras and me in love!


Stephanie said...

He must wonder why on earth you get so many packages! Has he ever asked?
Your not so little nephews miss you and can't wait to come visit in less then a month!

Andrea said...

I keep waiting for him to ask why so many deliveries. He hasn't yet, but there's always tomorrow.

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