Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 230 - April 1, 2010

I cannot draw to save my life. This is no April Fool's Day joke! Honestly, I have the art skills of a 5-year-old. I would show you my latest attempt at drawing an Easter bunny for my nephews if I weren’t so utterly embarrassed by my lack of talent. I was even too embarrassed to include the bunny drawing in their Easter card. I would be surprised that I even passed 1st grade art except that, growing up, I had a secret weapon when it came to art projects…. my mother. I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you promise not to tell my Grade 8 art teacher. Promise? Okay, good. Every single art assignment I ever turned in was done mainly by my mother. I’d usually take a stab at it and then upon seeing my hopeless drawing, my mother would come in and save the day. I even won a countywide drawing contest thanks to her work. My/her drawing was chosen out of hundreds to be printed on a silk tie (with my name on it) and sold to raise money for the local food bank. I was interviewed by the local news and had my picture in the newspaper. All I did was colour in a few measly pieces of fruit. She did the rest. Phew, feels good to get that one off my chest.

My husband, on the other hand, is an extremely talented artist. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again; I am in complete awe of his talents. I don’t even mind that his quick/rough sketches end up all over our dining room table just after I’ve cleaned up. I could watch him draw all day and can’t believe that his hands can create such works of art.

Today, I am especially proud since some of his latest work is being featured in a caricature show at Disney. I’m headed there to see it in about an hour. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a picture of his art up on display, but in case I don’t, check out some of his caricatures on his blog.


Betty said...

You're talented!
I'm now following you through FF!
Have a great Friday!

Erin said...

Wow I love the pictures. You are very talented and so is your husband. That's pretty amazing to be featured in something Disney! Following you from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend.

Ron Cooper said...

Happy Easter!

I’m your latest Friday Follower! I would appreciate a follow-back on Google Friends Connect and/or Networked Blogs.


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