Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 234 - April 5, 2010

The earth shook and the rocks spilt. - Matthew 27:37

A few weeks ago, I shared our experience waking up to feel the earth shaking beneath us. We heard the rumblings and felt the room vibrate. Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, the earth shook once again. We had decided to spend the afternoon at the movie theatre watching, Waking Sleeping Beauty, a documentary about a 10 year period in the history of Walt Disney that changed the face of animation forever. About an hour into the film, I felt my chair moving and immediately turned to the people behind us thinking someone must be kicking my seat. I saw my husband do the same and then noticed others looking around the theatre. It was a strange sensation like something I’ve never experienced before. It was as if the entire room was swaying. I felt like I was on a swing or on the deck of a ship rocking with the waves. This rocking lasted between 20 and 30 seconds which is by far the longest episode we have every experienced. When the swaying subsided, I heard someone behind me say, “Look, it was a 7.2!” He was on his iPhone or Blackberry or whatever device it was that could access the Internet. I was in shock knowing that the devastating earthquake in Haiti was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. I worried about what we’d see when we exited the theatre.

When we arrived home, we learned that at 3:40pm we had experienced the largest earthquake to this area in about 18 years. The epicenter was near the California-Mexico border and had been felt as far as Nevada and Arizona. As I type, the news anchor tells me that while there are no reports of significant damage in L.A., Mexico has experienced substantial damage including a collapsed concrete parking structure. Two are dead and hundreds are injured. Multiple aftershocks have been reported and are expected for the next few days, which has so many on edge.

Once again, we are thankful to be safe and pray for those in Mexico and around the world who have been affected by recent earthquakes.


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