Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 256 - April 27, 2010

I just got in from dropping Steph, Ben, Micah, and Noah off at the airport and I miss them already. The apartment is quiet and empty and my heart is aching the way it did when we left them in January. I look around the room and picture Noah climbing up onto the ottoman. I see Micah laughing as he drives his new racecar around the floor. But then I blink and I’m alone again and I can’t stop the tears. I made Micah promise to call me tomorrow when he’s home. I can’t wait to see their faces again and hear their sweet voices. Thank goodness for webcam.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Matt!! I love you!


Stephanie said...

You know how when we would come home from Florida trips we would wish so badly that we were still there but given the choice would not even consider getting back in the car and making the long drive back? I just kept thinking all day yesterday and now this morning that given the choice I would wash all our clothes, repack them and hop on a plane back to LA in an instant, it would be worth all the craziness of traveling with two little boys and way too much luggage to be back there...we miss you guys SO much. Thanks for an amazing week, we've already decided that we're coming back in a year if you're still there so don't make any plans the end of next April! We love you both.

Andrea said...

We love you too and miss you guys so much! We'd love to have you next April!

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