Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 266 - May 7, 2010

What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than with my brother in Hollywood!


David said...

I was happy to oblige! Pretty cool to learn too that at the time the Terminator signed his tribute to Sid Grauman, his hands were exactly the same size as mine!

Stephanie said...

Oh how I wish we could have come with you! I feel like we could have used another two weeks to do everything we wanted to! I think the top of the list would be another trip (or 2, or 3!) to Disneyland-Micah asks numerous time a day "What your favourite day (he means ride) at Disney, Mommy?", and his answer rotates between "the carrousel", "hitting plates" and "tea cups"! I can't wait to take him back next year!

Andrea said...

Awwww! We're headed to Disneyland tomorrow and I'll be sure to hit plenty of plates for him and maybe even take a ride on the carousel while the guys ride The Tower of Terror.

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