Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 272 - May 13, 2010

Knock, knock, knock.

Mr. UPS: Hey there! Good to see you again!

Me: Ya, you too.

Mr. UPS: Looks like you’ve been enjoying some sun.

Me: I sure have. It’s been beautiful lately, hasn’t it?

Mr. UPS: It has. Well, here you go.

Mr. UPS hands me a package.

Me: Thank you! Have a good day!

Mr. UPS: You too! See you soon!

Me: Bye!

Gosh, I’ve missed my friend.

Look what he brought me today.

I grew up playing this game with my brothers and sister on Sunday afternoons in our basement but at some point the game disappeared from our house and it’s been at least a decade since I’ve played. So I was beyond thrilled when I won Mastermind in a recent live giveaway! I used to be a master at this game. I can’t wait to challenge my hubby when he gets home from work!


David said...

Shucks! Too bad this didn't arrive a couple days earlier... I love a good game of Mastermind!

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