Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 279 - May 20, 2010

After debuting my first fondant cake on Tuesday, I have had many requests for the recipe. I’m like all of you who asked, when I see something I like; I just must give it a try!

I’d like to say that I made that delicious chocolate cake from scratch, melting 5 ounces of bittersweet chocolate in a double boiler and using only unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder imported from Holland, but that would be a lie. I decided that since I’d be tackling fondant making and decorating for the very first time, I should leave the cake making to Betty Crocker.

As for the marshmallow fondant, I used a recipe I had gotten from a new blog friend who has some real experience when it comes to making fancy cakes. Her desserts are simply works of art. All you need are a few simple ingredients.

Marshmallow Fondant


2 cups marshmallows

1 tsp water

1 tsp clear butter*

1 tsp clear vanilla flavouring*

Lots of icing/powdered sugar

Lots of Crisco shortening

Cornstarch (to prevent fondant from sticking when rolling it out)

*I used your basic yellow butter and regular vanilla extract and the fondant still came out very white. Remember, you’ll be adding a ton of powdered sugar. Unless you’re going for pure perfection, I don’t think it really matters what you use.

I’ll do my best to explain how I went about mixing the ingredients, but keep in mind that everything I know I learned on YouTube so it might be best to just click on over there are see it for yourself.

Preparation Instructions

1. Start by greasing a microwaveable bowl and spatula (including the handle) very well with shortening. This will prevent the melted marshmallow from sticking. Don’t skip this step or you’ll end up with a very gooey mess!

2. Add marshmallow, water, butter, and vanilla to the bowl.

3. Place in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Take it out, stir it, and repeat until the marshmallow is completely melted.

4. Then begin adding powdered sugar to the melted mixture. You’ll need a lot of it so add liberally. Stir and continue adding sugar until it becomes a little more solid.

5. Grease a clean countertop or work surface and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Also grease your hands with Crisco before dumping the fondant onto the counter.

6. Kneed the fondant and continue adding sugar until it is no longer sticky. It will probably still be a little tacky and that’s just fine. You can add food colouring at this point if you’d like. I’d suggest you wear gloves (or greased sandwich baggies over your hands like I did) as you kneed in the color to prevent staining your hands.

7. Lightly grease the finished ball of fondant, cover it with plastic wrap, and place it in the fridge overnight. (Note: Most recipes I’ve seen say to refrigerate overnight but some just leave it on the counter for a few hours. Do what works for you. I refrigerated.)

8. The next day, remove fondant from the fridge and place on the counter for a few hours to bring it to room temperature. Or do what I did and unwrap it and warm it in the microwave for about 10 seconds.

9. Once it is soft and pliable, you are ready to roll it out! Cover your countertop or work surface with cornstarch and roll away; adding more cornstarch to the counter if fondant begins to stick. (Note: Next time I will definitely roll the fondant thinner. Remember, you don't want the fondant overpowering your delicious cake!)

10. Put a layer of buttercream frosting on the cake before covering in fondant. Oh, and if it’s a layered cake, make sure you add a delicious filling like chocolate ganache or berries.

That’s it. Leave a comment below if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you’re completely confused, here is a video that may help. My method differs a little but you’ll get the picture.

How to make Homemade MM Fondant

Remember, this was my very first attempt with fondant so I’m no expert, but I found it to be easy to make and sooooo easy to work with. If you give this recipe a try, let me know. Send me a link. I’d love to see pictures of your creations!


Daij said...

i love marshmallow fondant!

Moon said...

This was my first fondant cake...
It was a birthday cake for my mother.
Not great, but a nice start :p

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