Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 280 - May 21, 2010

I’m definitely a girly girl at heart. I prefer dresses to pants. I love hot rollers and flat irons. A day of pampering at a spa sounds heavenly. And I have always dreamed of going to beauty school just so that I could perfect my own hair and makeup. Intense, I know.

Although there was a time in my childhood when I longed to be a tomboy and play on soccer and baseball teams in the summer like my brothers did. It was during that time that my mother forced me into my older cousin’s two-piece bathing suit complete with ruffles on the tushie. Back then, just the thought of baring my midriff in public made me want to vomit and now I spend my days by the pool in as little material as possible to maximize my tan. I woman shouldn’t have unflattering tan lines, you know.

I long to have a daughter (or niece if God blesses me with little boys) that loves everything girly. A daughter who asks to wear her hair in ribbons and curls. A daughter who adores the colour pink and could live in a hot pink tutu. A daughter who’s closet is filled with cute little dresses and adorable shoes. I cannot wait for the day when I can finally make the DIY tutu I’ve had bookmarked on my computer for years.

The other day I calculated my chances of having a girl in our family and I’d say it’s looking promising. Between my sister and my two brothers, my husband’s brother and sister, and our someday brood of 4 or 5, I’d say the chances of having a sweet little niece or darling daughter are pretty good. I am currently resisting the urge to run out the door to the Carter’s clothing outlet with my 25% off coupon in hand to buy every little pink polka dotted dress in the store. (Sigh) Someday…

Disclaimer: I love my little nephews more than life itself and wouldn’t trade any one of them for a whole slew of little girls. Micah, Noah, and Jacob, you are my world and I am so blessed to be your Auntie!


Chantele said...

When I found out I was having boys both pregnancies after I had my daughter I was distraught! I grew up the only girl out of four kids, and I hated having all brothers.

And then, my daughter learned how to talk back and get sassy. Compared to my boys, she's SUCH a hard kid. I'm glad I got my girl, but I'm glad I only got ONE girl. lol

Andrea said...

Hahaha...too funny!

SaSx3 said...

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