Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 297 - June 7, 2010

Do you remember on Friday when I said that my chances of running into a celebrity are so much greater when I haven’t showered or bothered to put on makeup? Well, the next day, this statement became reality. You see, we had gone down to the beach for the day with my in-laws and in order to maximize my tan, I had forgone my usual makeup routine and opted for only a little waterproof mascara on my lashes. After an afternoon of lying in the sand, we headed to our favourite Italian restaurant for dinner. So there I was sans makeup, hair wind blown, covered in sand, and unshowered when who does my mother-in-law spot? None other than the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale!

And when I say gorgeous, I mean like stunningly, perfectly beautiful! Just like in the movies! I mean, look at this photo. She’s just smiling outside of the restaurant and looks like a million bucks!

According to one of the waitresses at the restaurant, she is the only celebrity she’s seen dine there who looks just as good, if not better, in person. Another regular who will remain nameless, but may or may not be dating Justin Timberlake, looks nothing like you see on TV. There must be a lot of makeup and heavy editing going on in her films.

Anyway, if that wasn’t enough for you, this morning we were walking around the Disney Studios lot (my hubby’s place of work for anyone who’s new here) and saw the set of some sci-fi looking movie in one of the sound stages. We turned the corner and who did we see, but Garrett Hedlund. Don’t worry, I don’t know who that is either, but apparently he’s the star of TRON: Legacy, a movie that will be in theatres this December. I’m beginning to think my mother-in-law is our celebrity spotting good luck charm! Can’t wait to see who we’ll recognize this coming weekend!


Cynthia said...

WOW I love your blog! I'm so glad I found it!! This is why I love "follow" days :) Oh and I think Kate is absolutely gorgeous!! How awesome that you were able to photograph her. Umm... I love your blog :) I'm a new wanna be photographer :)

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PrestonBunny said...

Great blog, found you on follow me back Tuesday. Hope your well xx

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Taryn L. McCracken said...

Wow! That's awesome. Every time I "met" a celebrity, it was one of "oh that's who that was" kind of moments (long after the fact of course).

I'm a new follower by the way through Follow me back Tuesday.

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Joanna @ Mommy Sense said...

That is too funny. Jealous you ran into her!

~Sophisticate Style ~ said...

I love this story! You got some great pictures here.

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