Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 300 - June 10, 2010

I usually spend a good portion of my day on the computer but yesterday I didn’t close my laptop even once. Ridiculous, I know. My hubby drew a very fitting picture of me last night. Welcome to my life!

Anyway, the reason I was online so much was that I was entering to win a great prize in a live giveaway. As I submitted my entries, I met another woman who was also hoping to win named Joanna. She is a contributor to The Bragging Mommy and posted a great review and giveaway for e.l.f. cosmetics on the site yesterday.

Joanna and I talked on and off for about 10 hours as we entered to win a fabulous prize. We discussed everything from what to make for dinner and how we met our husbands to what to name our babies and our favourite TV shows. We even made the connection that we were both nannies to twins at one point. I often forgot the reason I was on the computer in the first place…the giveaway. It really just felt like I was chatting with an old friend all day.

Now I’m usually rather competitive when it comes to live giveaways, but in all honesty, by the end of the night, I was rooting for Joanna to win. Neither of us won in the end. But even if I had known I wouldn’t win, I wouldn’t have traded the time we spent getting to know each other. One of the greatest things about blogging are the friendships you make along the way and I am thankful for the friendship I developed with Joanna.

By the way, can you believe I made it to Day 300?!


Joanna @ Mommy Sense said...

So.... that made me cry! I so enjoyed "meeting" you yesterday- I'm really hoping we can stay in touch! What a fun and interesting way to meet a new friend. =) Thanks for the review shout-out, I appreciate it. And tell hubby that picture is awesome! No wonder Disney snapped him up.

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