Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 307 - June 17, 2010

Four years ago, I came across a little French booklet filled with Bible passages and verses about God’s love and forgiveness. One of the chapters in this booklet talked about eternity and what it meant to spend eternity with God. Eternity is a difficult concept to get our heads around in this finite world we live in. The author asked the question, “What is an Eternity?” The following is my simple English translation of the author’s explanation of eternity.

Imagine a tiny insect on Earth. His job is to transport every little piece of the Earth to the furthest planet in the solar system. He starts in a tall tree and takes a tiny piece of a leaf in his mouth. He travels for decades and finally reaches the furthest planet and drops the piece of leaf. He goes back to Earth to collect a second bite from that leaf. Imagine him doing this over and over again until he finally takes the last piece of Earth in his mouth and drops it on the furthest planet. Only than has eternity begun.


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