Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 329 - July 9, 2010

My nephews came over for lunch today and the plan was to make "snaky spaghetti wieners."

We cut up some chicken wieners.

Then attempted to thread a few sticks of dry spaghetti through the wieners like I had seen done here.

We learned very quickly that the task was easier said than done. Several broken pieces of spaghetti later, we decided to throw our original plan out the window and instead make creatures of our own.

Micah got quite creative and, in addition to making the original snake, he made a jellyfish, an octopus, a robot, and a train!

Then into the pot they went.

Look how cute they turned out!

Micah had no trouble polishing off his funny creature lunch!

(A big thank you to The Little Foodie for the great idea!)


Stephanie said...

Thank you for being the best auntie to my boys! Micah had a blast with you as always, I love hearing all about it and seeing the pics!

Andrea said...

Awwww...that's sweet, Steph. I'm so glad they love spending time with their auntie because I sure can't get enough of them!

Donda said...

Found you from a comment you left on another blog that I follow. This is cool and my kids are going to love it to dip in cheese sauce!

SmartShopaholic said...

What a fun idea!

Amy said...

I love this idea.. I think i will have to try it with my son... Thank you for being the great auntie to that lil guy so you guys can show u the cool things you do! :D
(I am a new follower from Tuesdays)

Keli said...

I am following you back! Thanks for following me.
This is an awesome idea! One I'm sure my boys would love!

Melissa said...

Seriously... best auntie ever! Micah looks so grown up in that 4th shot.

Damaris said...

yous nephew is cute cute cute.
thanks for the link.

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