Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 335 - July 15, 2010

I read something earlier this week that really resonated with me and has come to mind countless times over the past few days. Remember that book I was telling you about a few months ago, Strong Women, Soft Hearts? Well, I was reading the chapter about living beyond fear the other night and realized just how much I struggle with that. The author talks a bit about the negative voices in our heads that turn on when we walk toward our fears. Believe it or not, this blog is just one big fear. I struggle almost daily with the voices in my head that say, Why do you even bother writing? You know you don't have anything valid to say. Your words are surely not going to make a difference. And your photographs, they will never come close to being as good as that photographer you admire. Who do you think you are?

I don't write these things to throw a pity party for myself or in hopes that some of you will leave kind words of encouragement in the comment section. (Honestly, please don't. It will probably have the voices in my head saying,
They only commented because you said not to. You know their words aren't genuine.) I write this as a way of tackling one of my many fears.

As Paula Reinhart said, "...
fear can literally unlock the creativity and passion in our hearts--if we are willing to walk into it with a bit of courage." So today, I am attempting to confront one of my fears with courage by proclaiming it here in writing. Today, I will embrace what my father told me on Day 262, "Andrea, you have significant and valuable things to say. Fight those doubts and say what's on your mind. You are observant, articulate, and keen. Share you insights and have fun!"


Shirl Pequegnat said...

Hey Andrea,I just had to comment on this one...because you are sooo not alone in this way of thinking.I often struggle with this myself. I love that you are open and honest and share your thoughts.This will surely help others that struggle with this as well!!Please keep on doing what you do!!It brings joy to those who have the opprotunity to read it!!!

Annette said...

Hi Andrea, I agree with Shirl. I just started blogging recently and question what I'm doing everyday too. I'm learning that blogging takes a lot of valuable time, and I just want to make sure that none of it is in vain. One thing I can say is that no matter what, you have a beautiful journal of photographs and memories to share with your family (and we're just lucky enough to read it and share it with you too). Also, your dad is right--there's a reason why we need to listen to our parents!

This Photographers Life (Architecture+Interiors) said...

Listen to your father... honestly. You have one of my favorite blogs, and I adore your pictures and hearing what you have to say. And think about how bold it was of you to put your fear into words. That's the first step.

Sorry, but I had to say something!! You're my FRIEND!

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