Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 342 - July 22, 2010

It's been a while since I've photographed anyone other than babies and toddlers. So it was refreshing to shoot a beautiful group of friends last night. How nice it was to photograph a group that had an attention span of longer than 4 minutes. There was no bribing with M&Ms, although there was some bubble gum involved. I didn't need to clap my hands or play peek-a-boo to get their attention, although I did find myself counting to 3. There was no "Please take your hands out of your mouth" but I did find myself saying, "You may want to close your legs." But in all honesty, I had a blast with these beautiful women. Their laughter is contagious and their friendship is inspiring.


Stephanie said...

I LOVE this picture!! It's a framer for sure!
Thanks for pouring so much time and energy into this, we had so much fun and will treasure these pictures for years!

Andy said...

Ooohhh.. I love it! This makes me excited to see them all. Thanks Andrea for your time, effort, great eye, patience and sharing your awesome talent!

Ruth said...

What a lovely shot!!

Melissa said...

Ahhhhhh!! I LOVE it!!! Thanks for the sneak peek Andrea! You are amazing! Your blurb made me laugh out loud too!

Marketing Gurl said...

I love this picture so blogs are some of my favorite...I am your newest subscriber!

Sarah -

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