Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 364 - August 13, 2010

Do you remember the days when flight attendants would ask "Chicken or beef?" before serving a delicious hot meal during your flight? Or the days when you could ask for more than 1 bag of pretzels or peanuts and not be given a disapproving stare? Do you remember when newly released movies were played on TV screens and headsets, blankets, and pillows were given to you for free? Well, no more!

Take a look at this picture.

Looks pretty sweet doesn't it? TV screens in the back of each comfortable leather seat. Blue and purple lights lining the cabin walls and ceiling. Looks like a dream flight. But don't let this picture fool you. I learned very quickly that flashy lights and futuristic-looking seats was about all this airline had to offer. I flew an international flight over dinner time and all they offered was one small drink. Of course, you could purchase a sandwich for $10 or a tiny bag of chips or pretzels for $5, but really, that's absurd. And don't even get me started on those TV's. Seems great to have a TV screen in the back of each seat doesn't it? But not when they're charging $10 for internet, $8 to watch one movie, and $5 for a TV show. Puh-lease!

Anyway, enough ranting (although it does feel good to get it out). On to a more pleasant topic. Take a look at what greeted me when I opened our apartment door last night. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!

As excited as I was to tear into these packages and see what had arrived for me while I was gone, you can imagine that it was also a little overwhelming. Where to begin? After humming and hawing about the best way to tackle this glorious mess, I finally just dove in like a kid on Christmas morning. With every box I opened, I was aware of how blessed I was to have received these incredible gifts. So despite my earlier rant, today I am thankful.


Tracy said...

Well, now, I'm kinda bummed I got here on day 364.

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