Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 484 - December 11, 2010

Guess what??

The IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test says...


We are thrilled with the idea of being parents to a sweet little boy! Although, my husband is a complete skeptic. While he has always wanted a son, he doesn't trust this test for a moment. He keeps reminding me not to get too wrapped up in these results because it could all change in a few weeks when we have our ultrasound. I completely understand what he's saying and the test was really just for fun, but I think we had better start considering boys names just in case!


Stephanie said...

Hooray!! We'll be thrilled to have a boy or girl cousin for Micah and Noah but now you have me dreaming about a photo shoot with three little boys sitting in birth order with their backs to us at Disneyland (yep a la Angie & Todd)...actually come to think about it two boys and a little girl in a dress sounds super adorable too...either way can't wait to find out!

Amber D. said...

That's awesome! Our top boy names were: Cedric, Isaac, and wow, I can't remember, it must not have been that great, haha, anyways, we chose Isaac, we liked it because it was unique but not too weird, with Cedric when I googled it my kid would have been the only white kid with that name except for in Harry Potter, not that I'm racist but I didn't want him to get made fun of.

P.S. I am a newbie blogger and am SO HAPPY that I am doing the FMBT blog hop! I follow you and would love if you could follow me back! Thanks!

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