Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 515 - January 11, 2011

Every job comes with it's perks. For some jobs, this means a big Christmas bonus. For others, it's box seats at your favourite sports game. My husband has been so fortunate when it comes to the perks the companies he's worked for have offered. From unlimited free admission to any Disney theme park around the world to weekly screenings of upcoming blockbusters, we've been blessed. His current position at Sony Pictures Imageworks has him giddy about the incredible employee discounts on Sony products. For two months now, I've been hearing about the unbeatable deals on LCD TVs. My hubby's been working on convincing me that we could really use a TV in the bedroom. "But wouldn't it be nice for you to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from the comforts of our nice cozy bed?" he'll say. I'll admit that sounds great, but I know all too well that it doesn't stop with a TV. First there are TVs, then tv stands, then DVD players and consoles and on and on. With a baby on the way, my mind is on cribs, playards, baby monitors, adorable bedding, and spring vs foam crib mattresses. While the Sony employee discounts sound great, a new TV is just going to have to wait. So while my hubby goes on dreaming about a new flat screen TV, I'm dreaming about the perks of motherhood, endless hugs and kisses!

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Jen said...

Maybe you can get an awesome Sony video monitor for baby ;)

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