Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 543 - February 8, 2011

We're on the hunt for the perfect crib. I've actually been searching for months now with only so much luck. I recently fell in love with a crib only to find out that is no longer being sold in stores, so I continue to spend my days reading reviews and comparing prices. We're planning on having a big family so we want a crib that will last through several children. I've heard and read some great things about Delta cribs, but we would prefer a dark wood crib and unfortunately we're not big fans of the styles that they come in. I've recently begun looking into DaVinci convertible cribs and would love some advice from moms who have tried these cribs. Anyone own a DaVinci crib? Is it solid, sturdy, and safe? I'd love to hear any feedback on the cribs you love or could live without.

In other news, after over two and a half years, I finally got around to printing our honeymoon pictures. Winning a free photo book definitely helped to push me to finally completing this task. In a few months, it will be all about baby and our beautiful wedding and relaxing honeymoon will feel like ancient history. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

We can't wait to meet you baby girl!


lighttraveler said...

I am your newest follower!
Please follow back, I would greatly appreciate it!
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Jen said...

We have the DaVinci Parker crib and love it! We have had no issues with it at all!

Andrea said...

Thanks, Jen! I'll check it out.

Poetic Justice said...

What a beautiful blog. I got a Canon Rebel for my birthday a few years backed and I am hooked on photography now. I'm still not all that good at it and I only have a few lenses. It is a very expensive hobby! Following you from the blog hop. Congrats on your pregnancy - I have four!

pillowthrowdecor said...

I hope we get to see pictures of your "bump" progressing. :) I'm a new blog follower... late night blog hopping over from Survey Junkie. Hope you get a chance to stop on over at http://www.pillowthrowdecor.com for a follow and a cup of coffee :) cheers christine

Kittie Howard said...

You're wise to check around. Have friends who love the Da Vinci...but they're not going to be changing your sweetie's diapers, so you gotta get what works for you.

You're so excited about Sweetie, it's contagious! Feel like I've known you forever!

Andrea said...

Awww...thank you, Kittie, for your input and your sweet comment. I know exactly how you feel. There are so many bloggers I follow that, although we've never met, I feel like I've been friends with forever. Take care!

Kirsten said...

We have the DaVinci Roxanne, and it's been great. I LOVE that it has a drop side, but they're no longer selling them because of all the recalls. There are some beautiful dark wood ones that have the solid side though.

alissa4illustration said...

I'm following you back from The Apel's. Congrats on your baby to be!

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