Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 550 - February 15, 2011

I'm officially in my 3rd trimester! Only 90 days to go (if she's punctual like her Mom and Dad)! I remember thinking this day was so far away back in my second month. And now we're in the home stretch.

I remember when my sister announced she was pregnant for the first time. Those 9 months seemed to drag as I awaited the arrival of the sweet little boy that would make me an Aunt. For some reason the waiting was a lot harder and felt so much longer. Being the one carrying a child seems to make the days fly by. I'm sure I'll change my tune come May when I won't be able to wait any longer to meet my little itty bitty.

Look what arrived yesterday!

Thank you so much, Mom and Dad...or should I say Oma and Opa! After much research, I'm so excited about this car seat and its ability to keep our little itty safe. I took the car seat out of the box immediately and now it sits in our living room as a sweet reminder of what's to come. I find myself staring at it several times a day and daydreaming about our precious little girl's first car ride. She's going to be so cute in there!

My hubby took my 6 month pregnancy pictures this weekend and I'm slowly narrowing them down and editing some keepers. Here's a little sneak peek so you can see how much I've grown this month. Yep, itty's definitely getting big!


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