Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 559 - February 24, 2011

Excuse me, ma’am?” the TSA worker said.

Oh no, I thought. What do they think they found in my luggage? Am I about to get a pat down?

Are you having a boy or a girl?” he said.

A girl,” I replied.

See, I told you,” he said giving his female co-worker a nudge.

You win this time,” she joked.

I have noticed that pregnancy brings unexpected kindness from strangers. In the last week alone, I have had countless people greet me with big smiles and congratulate on my pregnancy, a lady with only 3 items in her cart urged me to go ahead of her in the checkout line despite the fact that she had been standing there for several minutes already, 2 people asked if they could walk me to my car under their big umbrellas the day it rained, and now I had a couple of sweet TSA workers guessing my baby’s gender. If only the world were always this friendly and smiled as much as this boy does!


Stephanie said...

Man that boy is CUTE!! Not that I'm biased :)

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

It would be such a wonderful world if people treated everyone like they were pregnant. Have fun at your shower!

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