Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 588 - March 25, 2011

We had our second childbirth preparation class last night and it was exactly what I needed after a very full day of running around the city and waiting in too many long lines. It was nice to connect with the other parents-to-be in our group. I had a moment before leaving for class where I noticed my belly button had popped just a little bit more than the day before and instead of feeling excited and being thankful that itty is continuing to grow big and strong, I just felt huge. It was such a comfort to walk into a class where all the women were pregnant and felt the exact same way. It helped me realize I'm not alone in my feelings and that our bodies are doing exactly what they should be.

One of the interesting discussion topics that came up last night was what to do with our placentas. With my experience assisting in the birth of numerous babies in Benin, West Africa, the placenta is not new to me. I delivered several placentas and found it incredibly fascinating that a woman's body is able to produce an organ. Just think about that for a second. Not only do we create another human being, but our bodies create a fully functioning organ during pregnancy. Pretty amazing stuff! So anyway, I always just figured I'd deliver the placenta, the midwife would take it away, and I would never think about it or see it again. Last night, we talked about the valuable minerals, nutrients, and hormones in the placenta that really assist in childbirth recovery. The thought of rinsing my placenta off and eating it raw (which is not uncommon, apparently) or frying it up and making a placenta taco really does NOT appeal to me. But when one of our instructors offered to take our placentas and make an incredible almond face cream out of it, I have to admit it gave me pause. Apparently, cosmetic companies pay an arm and a leg for placentas to make pricey anti-aging creams. One mother-to-be joked that we should all sell our placentas on Ebay and make a fortune! What did you do with your placenta?

In other news, I completed my second handmade vintage headband for Itty. I love it even more than the first! There is something that I find so beautiful about the frayed fabric roses and I think the antique lace band is just precious. I can't wait for Itty's first photoshoot!


Anonymous said...

I also didn't think about what to do with the placenta when Lydia was born. We just put it in our green bin and out it went with the organics! Since her birth though, I've heard of people who dry it and turn it into capsules that you can take and it's supposed to be really good for you. I've also heard of shakes (yuck imo). Never heard of the cream though! That sounds interesting.


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