Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 637 - May 14, 2011

You know that iPad I won? Well, I have to say that I haven't seen much of it in the last few months. My husband and the iPad, on the other hand, are inseparable. Greg spends just about every waking minute with it. He takes the iPad to work every day and brings it to bed with him every night. I wouldn't be surprised if he has it beside him while I'm laboring. Luckily for him, he now has a good reason to keep the iPad close by, thanks to a free app we found called "Contraction Timer." I have a feeling this app is going to come in very handy, especially since I don't own a watch and my hubby's has been missing for months.


Suzanne said...

Have you been having contractions?? I hope Greg will let us know when you go into labor so we can pray for you and jump around in excitement! :D

Andrea said...

I've been having irregular Braxton-Hicks contractions for the last month and a half, but I did start having some moderately painful contractions last week. All these contractions have moved her so low. She's inches away from coming out. Hoping our midwife is right about a short labor!

Jen said...

We used a contraction app too, made things so much easier :)

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