Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 648 - May 25, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday...

After reading the comments on yesterday's post and receiving emails and phone calls this morning, I think it's time I clear a few things up. Greg said to me last night, "If you don't have this baby by tomorrow, people are going to think of you as the girl who cried wolf." When I posted my update yesterday, it didn't even occur to me that people would think I was actually in labor. I was definitely experiencing early signs of labor, but for those of you who haven't taken any pregnancy/childbirthing classes, walked through the experience of pregnancy with someone you love or been pregnant yourself, you may not know that these early signs of labor can last for weeks. And they have. I've been experiencing contractions since 34 weeks and cramping and nausea off and on for several weeks. It's all normal and just my body's way of preparing for the real thing! As for being 3-4 cm dilated, that, too, is not uncommon. Women can walk around 4 cm dilated for weeks. It doesn't necessarily mean delivery is imminent. I should also let you know that I won't be blogging when I'm in labor, so any updates you get are just me letting you know what I found out at my latest midwives' appointment.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. I cannot wait to meet my little Itty girl and introduce her to all of you. I hope this little door hanger will be true very soon!


Kelly L said...

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Karen said...

It's so refreshing and inspiring to read about someone who is "overdue" (based on a theoretical guess date) and is not complaining or rushing to get induced! Way to go for staying positive, trusting your body and your baby. God is in control and you are doing the best thing for your baby.

Tammy said...

So true Karen!
(I see no post here for the 26th, wondering if the baby has come!)

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