Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 211 - December 22, 2011

On Sunday, we spent the day with some of Adelyn's baby friends. I watched in awe as two of her friends (who are only a few weeks older than her) army crawled and moved themselves freely around the room. Greg and I looked at each other and agreed it would probably be a little while before our daughter was crawling. She had been lifting her bum in the air with her chest on the ground and has been pushing up for months, but hadn't been able to put the two together.

"She's a big girl," our friends said. "It may take her a while to crawl. It's probably a lot harder for her to lift up that big head and belly of hers." I know our girlie's the biggest of the bunch and, yes, her head is off the charts, but give the poor soul a break. The next day, Adelyn set out to prove everyone wrong.

On Monday, Adelyn did something that left me speechless. My girl started planking! With no time to worry about the perfect lighting or the proper settings, I grabbed my camera and started snapping. Look at my Pilates pro in action.

I was a big fan of Pilates before Adelyn arrived so I can only assume she learned this move in the womb since I have not found time in the last 7 months to practice my Pilates planks (or any other exercise for that matter).

Keep it up girlie!


Anonymous said...

that is so cute love the pictures of Adelyn planking

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Coming from a Mama of another girl that was off the growth charts for height and head circumference (Gwynn). I can say that Adelyn is doing amazing and is soooo strong she will be doing other things well before her cohorts (Gwynn was carrying around giant empty water jugs when she was just a babe.) likely it was due to lugging around her large head or whatever but she will be super strong and independent! Love these updates! Merry Christmas to you and your precious family... Love Melissa, Ryan, and kids

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