Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 321 - April 10, 2012

They grow up so quickly. That's what everyone says. And everyone is right. I am amazed at how much you've grown and learned since we headed back home for a visit. In the last two and a half weeks, you learned to walk up and down the stairs, with Mommy's help of course. You started saying "mama" a whole lot more and imitating new sounds. I especially love it when you clack your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You crawled on your hands and knees for the first time, but it doesn't seem to take your very far. You still find the belly crawl to be much more efficient at getting you where you want to go. You learned to walk steadily holding on to just one of Mommy's fingers. You walk surprisingly better with the help of only one hand rather than with both. You learned how to confidently stand alone for a whole 10 seconds (you were so proud of yourself!) and even took a step into your loving Auntie's arms. I'm so glad we captured that first on video to show Daddy. We are so proud of you, girly! You are growing up before our eyes.


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