Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 316 - November 11, 2015

I was laying in Briar's bed tonight as I do every night after bedtime stories. I asked Adelyn what song she'd like me to sing and she told me she had to think about it. I told her I would say our bedtime prayers while she thought. I prayed for a while about Great-Grandpa Enns trying to put death into words they might understand. I sobbed quietly and then I heard a little voice coming from the bunk bed above me.

"Are there beanstalks in heaven?" Adelyn asked.
"Maybe," I replied.
"God will climb down the beanstalk and get Great-Grandpa and take him to heaven."

I pictured God climbing through the clouds down to the room where Grandpa lay with his daughters around him.

"Are you crying, Mommy?" Adelyn asked.
"I'm okay, sweetheart. I'm just a little sad."

Briar rolled over and kissed me on the head.

"Sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', Mommy."

I sang through tears remembering the first time I heard Grandpa sing to the love of his life at my mother-in-law's dining table. I can only imagine the overwhelming joy that will be felt in heaven tonight when Grandpa is reunited with his sweetheart.


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