Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 259 - September 15, 2016

The house was quiet this morning. The kids were both still asleep. I rolled over in bed and smiled at Greg. "We get to see our baby today," I said. I felt the little babe inside me flutter and kick and I quickly grabbed Greg's hand and placed it on my growing belly. For the first time this pregnancy, Greg was able to feel our baby moving. "It's going to be a great day!" I said to him. He smiled, nodded and kissed me.

A short time later, Adelyn woke up and I reminded her that today was the day we would finally get to see our baby. Eager to find out what we're having, she asked, "Is the doctor or the midwife going to tell us if it's a boy or a girl?" "The doctor is going to tell us today, sweetheart," I answered. "What do you think our baby is? A boy or a girl?" She looked up at me and said, "If it's a boy, I'll love it! If it's a girl, I'll love it!

This afternoon, we all piled into a little exam room. Adelyn held up the the video camera and hit record as we got our first glimpse of the sweet baby we had been longing to see. The doctor was so wonderful to point out the baby's features so the girls could see their sibling's spine, legs, face and arms and hear the baby's strong heartbeat. The girls lost interest after about 5 minutes and began asking for snacks and to play games on the phone rather than record the ultrasound. Eventually, Greg took them out while the doctor finished the scan. "I'm going to check the gender now," he said. I pressed record on my phone and looked away from the screen. I was hoping to find out along with the girls at a mini gender reveal photoshoot this weekend. He told me it was safe to look back so I did. About a minute later, I saw the baby's legs appear on the screen and I was pretty certain I knew what we were having. I took a guess, but told him not to say anything. At the end of the appointment, I asked him if he could write the baby's gender down on a piece of paper. "You already know," he said and confirmed what I had been thinking.

I shared the good news with Greg on our drive home. Adelyn asked a few times if I would tell her what we were having, but I kept quiet hoping I could capture their reactions on video later. She asked a few more times at home before bed and I almost caved and told her when she promised me she wouldn't tell Briar. "I'm going to surprise you and tell you tomorrow," I assured her.

The girls and I lay together in Briar's bed after stories and songs tonight. They took turns putting their little hands on my belly and talking to the baby. "Wake up and kick my hand, Baby," Adelyn said. Unfortunately, the baby slept on and the girls didn't get to feel any movement. "Tomorrow, if the baby's kicking, run to me and put my hand on your belly," Adelyn instructed me. "I will, honey," I told her. I showed the girls the ultrasound pictures one last time before turning off the light. We prayed together and thanked God for our baby's perfectly developing organs and strong bones.

You are so very loved, little one.


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