Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 291 - October 17, 2016

Remember the ultrasound I had scheduled today that was suppose to confirm my new estimated due date of February 10th, 2017? Well, the ultrasound happened, but the due date is still up in the air. The good news is, Briar and I got to see our sweet baby girl. The unfortunate news is, our baby is measuring on the smaller side and after today's ultrasound, the new estimated due date is even later (February 16th).  So this ultrasound confirmed nothing, other than the fact that she's still a she and she's adorable! The doctor wants to see me again in another 4 weeks so he can make a better estimation of our little bundle's date of arrival. Can't I just be having a smaller baby? After the two very big babies I've pushed out, I think I deserve a little one.


Stephanie said...

Eve thinks she's "so so cute!" and that it looks like she's eating chocolate :)

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