Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 204 - July 23, 2017

Nearly 5 weeks ago, Adelyn ran to me at a splash pad and announced that she was loosing her first tooth. Not ready to say goodbye to her sweet baby-toothed smile, I let the tooth slowly get looser with her daily wiggling, but didn't try to speed up the process. Today, she ran to me again and announced that her tooth was so loose. I watched as she moved her tooth to touch her bottom lip. And with that, I knew today was going to be the day that my oldest baby girl was going to loose her first tooth. I was so thankful that I had been given almost 5 weeks for my heart to shift from sadness about one stage coming to an end to excitement for this very special moment. I rushed her outside to take one last picture of her beautiful smile.

We called Daddy to tell him the exciting news. He watched as Adelyn let me gently pull on her tooth. She was even brave enough to let her little sister have a try. She asked me to Google ways to help her pull the tooth out and was willing to give dental floss a try, but quickly realized that wasn't the way she'd like to loose her tooth.

A short time later, we headed over to Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ben's house to celebrate Micah's birthday. Adelyn proudly showed her aunt, uncle and cousins her extremely loose tooth. The tooth was basically hanging on by a thread. We thought the tooth may fall out on it's own during dinner or dessert, but as the evening went on, we knew it was time for plan b.

"Why don't you pick someone to try and pull it out?" I suggested.

Adelyn seemed to like the idea. She turned to her cousins and said, "Raise your hand if you want to try to pull out my tooth." Nearly every hand shot up.

"Evie!" she declared.

Her sweet cousin, Eve, stepped up and reached into Adelyn's mouth.

"I should really grab my camera," I said aloud. I started toward the door when Adelyn let out a little "ow." Eve stepped back and a few seconds passed.

Then to everyone's surprise (including Adelyn's), Eve raised her hand and announced, "I got Adelyn's tooth."

We looked at each other in shock and erupted in laughter.

Adelyn will never forget that, on Micah's 10th birthday, her younger cousin, Eve, pulled out her first loose tooth!


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